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ILLI offers two types of membership - Corporate and Individual.  Being a member of the ILLI Community provides the ability to collaborate with other ILLI members. 


Membership Benefits

Individual membership is $150 annually

Access to the online ILLI Membership Community

Support for the growth and development of ILLI

Networking with ILLI members via a Private Facebook Group

Coming Soon:  Public facing "Find a Designer" feature for members only

2020 ILLI

Corporate Members

Corporate Membership is $1,000 annually

Become an ILLI Corporate Member

Beachside Lighting



Coastal Source


Darkhorse Lightworks

Excelsior Lighting

Gardenlight LED

HK Lighting Group


Island Villa Lighting

Jackson Lighting Supply

JL Lighting Design, LLC

Lighting Boss

Lighting Shrink

Lumien Lighting

Mark W. Schulkamp Electric Company

Oakcrest Landscape

Sterling Lighting

WAC Landscape Lighting


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sponsors are comprised of corporate and individual contributors towards the annual Intensive Course(s).  Sponsor contributions are used for Intensive Course related expenses such as logistics, equipment organization, marketing, etc.  Sponsorship levels are based on level of contribution and include defined benefits respectively for a calendar year term basis.  Some Sponsorship levels include an annual Corporate Membership.

Our Corporate Members are comprised of corporate and individual members that have contributed to ILLI by an annual membership due.  The Corporate Membership dues are used for organizational expenses such as administration, marketing, program development, etc.

Please see "Terms & Conditions" for additional details.

Membership dues are deductible as ordinary business expenses and should not be treated as charitable contributions.  Consult your tax advisor for more information. 


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