Intensive Course Waiver

Intensive Course

Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release, & Shared Contact Permission 

Assumption of Risk

The Attendee understands and agrees attending the International Landscape Lighting Intensive Course presents certain risks to the Attendee and his/ her property, including but not limited to, physical or mental injuries or death due to, among other things, snakes, reptiles, animals, insects, and weather issues (particularly heat related).  The Attendee fully understands, accepts, and assumes all responsibility for losses, costs, injuries, and direct and consequential damages that he or she incurs as a result of his or her participation in the International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI) Intensive Course (IC).

Waiver and Release for Participation in Events at Intensive Course

This is to certify that I am fully aware that certain risks and dangers may exist during my participation in the IC.  I realize that these risks include, but are not limited to, risks and dangers in participation in activities involving physical exertion (such as climbing ladders or rocks, outdoor events), and possible injury or illness in places remote from any medical facilities.  I believe that the benefits of my participation in such programs outweigh the risks and hazards involved.  In consideration of the right to participate in the IC, I do hereby waive any and all claims that I might have for myself against ILLI and our host location, and its volunteers, officers, agents, representatives, or employees (the “Organizers”) for any injury, damage, loss or claim sustained during or arising out of my participation in the Intensive Course, including claims of negligence on the part of the Organizers, which are not caused by the Organizers gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

 I do further hereby release, acquit and discharge the Organizers from any and all liability, damages, losses, illness or claims sustained by me during participation in the IC program, even if due to the negligence of Organizers, except as provided in paragraph above.

Shared Contact Permission at Intensive Course

This is to certify that I allow for my contact information to be shared with the Organizers and fellow IC Attendees for planning and transportation purposes.

I have read this document, understand its legal significance, and thoroughly understand the authorization that I am hereby providing and agree to be bound by it.  By registering and attending the course, I have agreed to these terms.


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